Hi y’all,

so I’ve been wanting to do this for a while: starting a blog that is, but there was always something: I’m too busy, too lazy, too embarrassed or thinking that I don’t have anything to write about. And honestly, I don’t think much has changed, but over the last few months I turned to a ton of blogs for advice that I figured it’s only fair to return the favor and maybe one day someone will benefit from the info I share as well 🙂

A little bit about myself: I’m an Egyptian American who was born and raised in Egypt. After my first semester at the American University in Egypt the travel bug was itching a little bit too hard, and I decided it’s time to make my first big move, so I packed my two suitcases and headed to Seattle. I finished my bachelor degree at the UW and soon enough made the second big move towards DC for my first REAL job and the thought of ‘settling down’.  Little did I know that three years later the travel bug would be once again itching a little bit too strong, and that I’d decide to pursue a Masters degree with a focus on Energy and Resources at the NHH in Bergen, Norway.

photo 1

It’s now August 2014 and I have been in Bergen for exactly one week.

Check my next blog posts for my first impressions of the city and this country!




2 thoughts on “Intro

  1. Very cool new challenge! Good luck with the studies, sounds like it will be super interesting and what a great place to get to live 🙂


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