My first impressions of the NHH student life

Hola again!

My first seminar started this morning, and man does it feel weird to be sitting in a classroom again. It might take a few days to get used to, but I think eventually I’ll get there 🙂 or so I hope!


I’ve had a few first impression about the students and the student life at NHH and in Bergen, so before I forget most of them, see below:

1) The university is only there for the education piece:

When it comes to NHH, the school is only supports your education and anything related to your classes and degree, but nothing else. Instead, there is another organization that’s called SIB that serves as the organization that takes care of all student wellfare in all Bergen’s universities. Their work ranges from helping you find dorms, offering gym memberships, health service, advice to find a part time job in Norway etc.

2) There’s a couple clubs in the basement of the school: 

and by clubs I’m referring to exactly what you think I mean: a club for going out and dancing, and yes they do serve alcohol when there’s a party there which is apparently pretty often. This sounds like fun and the couple times I’ve been there, I’ve met pretty cool people. However, on of the things that sucks the most is going to school the day after and passing my the staircase above the club and smelling beer and alcohol; I’m hoping that’s just the damage of the Welcome Week and that it gets better the longer we’re here.

3) NHH is known for its active student union: NHHS:


There’s so many choirs, sport clubs and just other random clubs at this school; it’s kind of intense when you first get here and see how active everyone is in their roles. I’m excited to join a few clubs and get to meet some new people around here; there’s supposed to be a couple events this week to introduce us to the different clubs and organizations more on a one on one level after which you’re supposed to apply for the different roles you’re interested in.

4) A lot of students don’t graduate on time:

and you can probably guess what the main reason for that is: yup, it’s the student union. A lot of the students are involved in so many extracurriculars that they end up taking more time to complete their degrees. It’s not like they’re paying more tuition, although they are still out there w/o a full time job for longer…

Ok, I think that’s it for now. Wish me luck over the next couple days. Talk to you soon!



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