A Saturday Hike in Bergen

Hei Hei everyone!

Yesterday we went on a gorgeous hike right around the corner, and I thought I’d post a few words and pictures and share it with y’all.

Look at that view!

We started with the intent of reaching Mount Ulriken by taking a long scenic route across a couple other mountains instead of taking a bus to the other side of the city center and just climbing it up.

photo 4-1

Everytime I think I’m fit, something like this happens and challenges everything I believe in. Going uphill is tough; especially in running shoes and wet grounds; by the end of our 5 hours hike, my socks and feet were as wet and muddy as the ground we walked on, but it was worth it. It was also so great to see so many runners in the mountains. They all looked like such pros. One day; one day before I leave this city I’ll attempt to run in that area; let’s see how that goes.

photo 1-1
What a sight!


The Entire Team

And you know what? We actually never made it to our destination as in we never climbed Mt Ulriken yesterday. By the time we reached its bottom a storm had started and within two seconds we all had our raincoats on hoping they’ll guard us from being drenched but honestly we should have known better.


photo 2-2
The End is near!
photo 3-2
Trying to be as optimistic as when we started!

Within a few extra minutes every little spot on my body was wet; it took us a few minutes and a look at an actual map to figure a shortcut back to town, but we were able to do it. After another half hour or so we found a bus stop where we took a bus to another stop and made our way back to the dorms; we all jumped into a warm shower and turned on our heaters when we walked into our rooms, but I think we’ve all agreed that it was an experience that was bound to happen living in Bergen! Guess Mt. Ulriken has to wait for another day!

Until next time!






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