The last couple days

Hola everyone,

what an eventful last couple of days; like I mentioned earlier: most of my classes are starting this week, and so far I’ve been to a few of them and still have 2 or 3 more to try in the next couple days. Everything is so interesting and intense, and I’m slowly realizing how long it’s been since I’ve last been in a classroom, but I’ll hopefully (eventually) manage.  

So, yesterday after school I’ve decided to join the running club here at NHH; they meet twice a week in the evenings and either do a long run or some kind of interval training, which is awesome because I need motivation to get back into the swing of things. As you can imagine though, most of the people here are quite fit, like super top notch, and at some point when we were running up a hill, I thought I should just give up: I had fallen behind on the rocky steep hill. But, then I realized that the worst that could happen is that I lose the group and somehow end up finding a new running route on my own, so I just continued running at my own pace to find out that everyone would eventually stop for a couple mins break before we start interval training (where I managed just fine in my own little pace at the end of the crowd). After the hour or so long training the group got to hang out together to enjoy some well deserved water, bananas and cookies which apparently they do after every training. LOVE IT!



I also found out yesterday that I didn’t get into the videography club at school to which I had applied last week; while I’m a little bit bummed about it, there’s still a couple of things that I would like to try out this semester so I’m not too worried that I’ll run out of things to do in Bergen. The best is yet to come.

Today, after school I attended an information session about writing my master thesis; the thought of writing a master thesis has always been terrifying to me. Throughout high school and college I always knew that I wanted to pursue further education after I complete my bachelor degree (I even toyed with the idea of a PhD a few times in my life & I’m honestly still toying with it), but it’s the concept of a thesis that used to scare me the most. Now that I’ve learned to channel a lot of my nervous & scared type feelings into more of excitement and adrenaline rushed thoughts, I’m actually looking forward to the next few weeks and months where I’ll hopefully come up with THE thesis concept that will get me to the end of it all. You just keep your fingers crossed for me. 🙂

That’s it for now; we’ve had some gorgeous weather in Bergen these last few days, so I’m trying to enjoy my few mini breaks outdoors as much as possible; too bad it’s expected to rain by the time the weekend’s here.

Cheers y’all,






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