Some of the little things I miss!

Hei, hva skjer?

It’s been one month: one month since the big move, and I can honestly say that so far I haven’t regretted my decision one bit. Yes, school is tough and yes, I feel dumb in most of my classes, but that’s when I know I’m being challenged, and I appreciate that I’m back out of my comfort zone.

However, there’s things that I miss about life in the US: the trivial things that you get so used to and all of a sudden realize that they’re not available everywhere. Here’s a list of 5 of them:

1. Cheap Asian Food:


I’m known for my addiction to Thai food, Sushi and Pho, and I still haven’t found a place here that offers any of those cuisines at prices affordable to students. The only Thai place I passed by had all its dishes in the $20 range which I don’t believe I ever paid for a Thai meal in the states.

2. Grocery Stores:


The options: the unlimited options and the somehow decent prices  especially when it comes to cheese!!! I also miss the options when it comes to fruits and veggies; you can find apples and bananas here and maybe this or that one other fruit, but really that’s about it. This country lacks a little when it comes to fresh produce.

3. Nice little cozy cafes:


Back in Seattle around the UW there were a handful of small independent coffee shops where you got to enjoy a cup of coffee and sit down and get work done;  I don’t think I’ve seen anything that resembles this idea here yet.

4. Flat streets:

Inner Harbor-2

Don’t get my wrong; I LOVE the fact that this city is surrounded by 7 mountains and that there’s always a hike to be done, but sometimes when I’m out for a run and I’m really tired, I dream of the flat streets around the Baltimore harbor where I could increase my mileage without feeling like death two seconds later.

5. The $1 store:


You know when you need this one little thing, but you don’t want to pay $$$ for it, and then you remember that the $1 store probably has it? Yes, it does, but guess what? That $1 dollar store seems so far away now.

Overall though, I gotta say:  I love living here; surely I miss my family and friends but knowing most of them and me, I don’t think it’ll be long before I see them again.




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