Stay calm


Almost a week since my last post, and things have been quite busy here in Bergen: all of a sudden I’m slammed with assignments that are all due in the next couple of weeks and some of which count towards my final grades. Add to it photo editing this entire weekend for the school’s newspaper, plus having to update my resume and write cover letters and motivation letters for part time jobs and study abroad programs and you get yourself a stressed me. But it’s okay: I just keep telling myself that I really wanted this, that I’m learning a TON and that aside from a couple stressful days here and there, I’m absolutely loving it.

Highlights of my week included:

1. GORGEOUS WEATHER (sucks for studying, but seriously  who can complain?)


2. Another sailing trip

photo 2

photo 3

3. Coming across this note

photo 1

4. Receiving this postcard after what felt like the longest week

photo 4

5. Childhood memories that flooded me playing this game at a party last night

photo 5

Life’s good. Cheers!



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