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It finally arrived, and I guess we could say: “They were right.”? The rain is here, and depending on which weather site you look at, it might be here to stay for longer this time round. But honestly, I don’t mind it too much; I need something to make me stay inside and start checking items of that to do list that is only growing longer and longer. Plus, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in your hands while staring at that gorgeous view from the window isn’t too bad.

Little sunshine break between all the crazy rain!

The good news is (or actually it depends on which side you look at but let’s say it’s good for now), the good news is that it’s almost October which means in 2 months, it’s CHRISTMAS BREAK! Can you believe it? For the first time in FOREVER, I’ll be free during this time of year. I can honestly not remember when I last had that. Even during my bachelor, I worked full time during my Christmas break. The question is: ‘What to do?” If you take a look at my Chrome window right now, you’ll start making fun of how many tabs related to flights and travel are open, but like I always say: You gotta do what you gotta do if you want to travel to more places and save money at the same time, right?

Some tips when it comes to looking at travel sites:

1) Spend some time on different sites researching the same dates you’re interested in: The same exact flight might be a little bit cheaper on one site than it is on another.

2) Start your research early: especially when looking at tickets for the peak seasons  (Christmas break is always one of those times).

3) Go for roundtrip tickets if you can; unfortunately, for me, I’m currently debating buying a couple of one way tix to be able to cover a few extra stops but that could make the price spike up quickly.

4) Know what you’re getting with your ticket price: some tickets are so much cheaper than others but you’re not getting as many benefits, especially when it comes to low cost carriers; I usually know what to expect so I don’t complain as much but for example if you’re expecting to check in a bag and to receive a meal on the flight and you don’t, it’s because: well. you know you bought the cheapest ticket.

Keeping those tips in mind, I’ll procrastinate a little longer on those travel sites (my FAVORITE procrastination activity), and I’ll let you know how it turns out.

A bientot!



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