Fall is here!

What a week you guys!

All those pass/ fail assignments are FINALLY coming to an end, but those courses that offer a small portion of their grade as an assignment separate from the final exam all have upcoming deadlines in the next two weeks. Can you believe this semester is almost over? It’s crazy to think that in 3 weeks I’ll be done with classes and that 3 weeks later it’s exam period. So much to doo!!!!

The good news is that somehow between all the stressful parts, there are so many little things that make me happy; here’s the rundown of the week!

The week started with the birthday of two of my fave people in Bergen; the plan was to have a party in the kitchen for a few hours and then head to town, but well we had a little too much fun and ended up staying in. Good company, good food (Thanks Manu for the great cheesecake!) and good times!

photo 1-1

Another highlight was definitely my morning run on Thursday; it had been days since I walked more than 20 steps at a time, so  I decided to do something about it. Thursday morning I woke up at 7 and didn’t have to be anywhere until 9. Figured what’s better to do than a quick run  to the city center located a couple miles away? That way I get to do some in the dark sightseeing right before sunrise? Plus, I’ve started listening to this new podcast: Serial (by the creators of This American Life) and let me tell you: I am HOOKED!! So, every week when a new episode comes out, I feel inclined to go out and run to listen to it instead of sitting on my bed and eating cookies like I do the rest of the week.

photo 3-11

But I think my favorite part of the week was definitely last night when I went out to dinner in downtown with the rest of the photo group board members. We ended up getting delicious sushi and dessert, which from now on I can only dream of having again.

photo 22

photo 11

photo1 3

This upcoming week is definitely going to be eventful with my first graded presentation tomorrow morning to start off the week right.

Let’s see; until next time,



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