November: nə(ʊ)ˈvɛmbə/ – The Last Month of Autumn

What up peeps?!

I still can’t believe it, I’m officially done with courses for this semester: well not really, I mean I still have cases, papers and finals for most of my classes except one, but I no longer have to sit in class for hours wondering why I don’t seem to remember any maths from the good old days. And guess what, 6 weeks from now, I’ll be officially fully done with my first semester back in school.

It was overall a good week though:  Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday were mostly spent on assignments and getting stuff done for school. The constant rain made it hard to get excited about anything, so when the first rays of sunshine showed up on Wednesday, I decided to take a break in the middle of the day and just go out on a run because let’s face it: by the time my time in Bergen is over, I’ll be Vitamin D deficient. So for now every time I spot a ray of sunshine, I’m running out of the door and standing under it.

photo 1

Thursday morning while I was sitting in the school’s cafeteria trying for yet another day to solve this mystery that is my programming class assignment, my friend Valeria came over and asked if I wanted to go to the movies with her and some other friends that night. I had a couple assignments due the next day, but I honestly hadn’t taken a break and gone out in a while so I felt like I deserved it. I ended up spending a few more hours doing work and at 8pm we made our way into the city. It turned out to be a girls’ night out. We were speaking and laughing so loudly on the bus that we literary got yelled at and asked to “be quiet because we’re in Norway” by an old Norwegian lady. On the other hand, a few people around us were laughing at our stories with us, so we were entertaining after all.

photo 2

We ended up watching Gone Girl, which is a fantastic movie. I had wanted to read the book for the last year or two but I constantly kept hearing about the ending that made everyone feel weird about the story so I held off on reading it. And now that I’ve actually watched the movie, I’m like WTF. Seriously, what is wrong with those peeps? Also, FYI movie tix in Norway are around $20, and I thought $12 was overpriced in some areas of the states…

Friday night was the deadline for the last two assignments for my programming classes, so my partner and I had to meet up almost everyday to finish up our codes, and reports. It felt so good when on Friday night we uploaded the documents and were actually done. So much work went into those reports that I really hope it’ll show when the grades come out, but you just never know! Since everyone in that class went through those hell assignments together, we felt like we deserved a celebration. So yesterday, we had a small get together for the students from that class, and it ended up being a really good time. Crazy enough, one of the guys ended up inviting the lecturer who showed up mid way through the party and surprised us all.  It was pretty funny; he’s such a nice guy so even during the worst times when you hate everything about the course, you can’t allow yourself to feel the same way about him. After the celebration, a few of us headed over to another dorms building for a friend’s birthday.
photo 3

This morning we surprised that same friend, Anna, with a birthday brunch. We had some delicious dorm made pancakes which was a good change from the regular routinely food that we’ve all been eating for months around here. Made such a perfect start of Sunday and an end to this week.

photo 5

Movember has officially begun. Until next time.

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