Wake me up when November ends!

Hey y’all,

I admit it; I’m procrastinating. This is clearly not my favorite time of the semester, and I’m trying to avoid the clear fact that I need to sit down and get shit done. Thank God the weather has been so bad today that I locked myself in my room and studied for a couple hours, but man, it was hard, and I don’t think I’ll be done in time if I continue at this rate… Anyways.

This week has actually been pretty good. I had a seminar about climate change all week (which is now done), but it was a break from actual classes and the actual studying phase that was/is supposed to start today.

Monday, the newly elected MEBA council including myself as well as all newly elected board members of the other clubs at school were invited to a conference sponsored by KPMG followed by a dinner at the top of Floyen (one of the mountains surrounding the city).

Arriving at the hotel where the conference was held, I realized that I missed my consultant lifestyle just a little. While living out of a suitcase sucked on a lot of days, having ueber comfy beds, free coffee and lounge access etc. was never too shabby. But oh well, not that I’m not enjoying my life right now, it’s just the complete other extreme.

The conference was ok; too bad some people really hate speaking English. Even at dinner when speeches were given, people started by apologizing to the international students that their speech would be in Norwegian and then continued for 15 minutes or so talking and laughing in Norwegian. While all of us internationals are attempting to learn the language, you can guess how hard it is to understand native speakers when they talk fast. Yup. Pretty damn hard.

What is interesting to me is that some people claim that their English is extremely”bad”, but seriously if you hear it, you’d think they’re kidding.  I also don’t think they realize that most of us, international students, didn’t really learn English as our native language either and that not all of us have a perfect accent either. Oh well.

Anyways, the view from Floyen was fantastic and the food quite good. Thanks KPMG for sponsoring!

photo 1

photo 2

Tuesday, I met up with the rest of the MEBA peeps to start planning for all the activities we’d want to organize early next semester; we’re excited! It should be a fun year.

Wednesday was my relaxing day; I went to my last two Norwegian classes of the semester (which I didn’t realize took place until someone told me) and then headed home for a nap. It had already been a long week and the weather wasn’t cooperating.

But I guess someone up there listened to my prayers because Thursday was an absolutely gorgeous day. Did you read my blog post about it? It has some pretty pictures too!

And then Friday, while not as gorgeous as Thursday, wasn’t too bad either, so a friend of mine and I did the same hike yet again. Seriously, if the weather were nice enough everyday and I had as much time everyday as I would like to have, I would probably be spending way too much time outside.

photo 4

Yesterday was another awesome day; not weatherwise:  it was rainy and cloudy and cold, but it was still awesome. I dragged myself out of bed at 7AM to go on a run with the single thought that in a couple hours I would meet my friends to go to an Ikea breakfast. Apparently once a month or so, Ikea offers its breakfast at a 50% discount, so you get an all you can eat breakfast for the equivalent of $3. I mean let’s be real, that’s considered cheap anywhere in the world (well mostly) but in Norway that’s pretty much unheard of.

photo 52 hours later I made my way back to uni for a group meeting and afterwards headed home  while still trying to recover from my food coma.  Later in the evening I skyped with my two childhood friends whom I’m meeting for a trip end of December. We’ve finally agreed on a location and booked tickets and I can honestly not wait. Leaving the location as a surprise for now, but it’s in Europe and it’s one of the places I’ve always wanted to go. Wanna guess? 🙂

Stay warm,



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