Velkommen til Julebord!


What another fantastic week in this town; granted everytime I start writing one of these posts, I realize I’m nearing the end of the semester which means I’m closer to my exams, but on the bright side, soon enough I’ll be heading to the airport for a month full of reunions. I just need to pass this semester!

This week started off with a gloomy-ish day Monday spent mostly in my dorm.


But then, the awesomeness happened: perfect weather the following day! So Tuesday morning, after a few hours at my desk, I went downstairs to have a delicious dorm cooked lunch courtesy of Ines and went out on a quick hike to my favorite mountain nearby. I ended up meeting a friend from school at the top and we walked back down together. It was a sunny day with a light breeze and gorgeous fall surroundings and the sunset was just BEAUTIFUL. This city clearly knows how to present you with its beauty!


Wednesday and Thursday on the other hand were yet another couple days spent inside copying notes and attempting to get a study plan together; it’s crazy to think that I haven’t taken an exam in four years, and it honestly makes me a little worried. At some point in my life I was good at this, but you know how it is; if you haven’t done something in a while, you tend to forget the process, and you need some time to get back into it all.


Anyways, Friday night and Saturday night were quite eventful:

Friday night a few of us volunteered to help out with serving food at the farewell dinner for all the exchange students leaving this semester. It was a looong night; we had to show up at 5pm to start setting up the tables and making the room look all christmasty and then had to stay till the end to clean up; I think I came back at around 1130pm; the good thing though is that we got free dinner and drinks, and the food was truly delish (and thankfully not salmon!).


Saturday night was the Julebord for the full time international students; according to Wiki, a Julebord is a “Norwegian feast or banquet in the days before Christmas in December and partly November where there is served traditional Christmas food and alcoholic beverages, often in the form of a buffet. The Julebord is organized by employers or organizations and others for the employees or members.” While the event was heavily subsidized by the current MEBA council, each of us had to pay around $30 for the meal as well, so you can guess how much it was initially. The good news though is that the food was delish and the night super fun!


10606609_10152909449192848_3218658028235896471_n (1)



Today has been another one spent by the books. I would have loved to go hiking because of the awesome weather, but it looks like it might be staying for a few more days, so hopefully I’ll make use of it at some point. 🙂


PS: I’ve been thinking of this stupid idea for a blog post, but unfortunately it requires several pictures taken at the grocery store which is closed on Sundays 😀 As soon as I take the pics though, be in the lookout for it!

Until then, stay cheerful. Thanksgiving & Christmas are right around the corner!



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