The Festival of Lights!

Hei alle,

It’s been a good week of mostly studying and enjoying an outing here and there, and then yesterday between a morning spent reading my notes for one class and an evening spent working with my group on our final paper, I went to town for a couple hours for the Festival of Lights. I’ve always heard of such festivals but never really got to experience any of them in person, so I definitely didn’t want to miss out! And I’m so glad I didn’t. The night was breezy, the people plenty, the atmosphere festive, the city gorgeous and the music and lights all around. While we still have one day to go till December, I can truly say Christmas is all around.

(and now the lyrics of the cheesy song spinoff in Love Actually comes to mind: “I feel it in my fingers, (lala) I feel it in my toeeeess, Christmas is all around me (lala) and so the feeling growwws.”) 😀

Thankfully, I had a good camera in hand and managed to take some good shots. Enjoy the pictures below 🙂


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