Around the world in 33 days! (or maybe it’s 0.1% of the world)

Hey y’all,

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately: Christmas break meant more time spent with family and friends and in airports and on planes rather than at my laptop which meant that I couldn’t jot down any of my thoughts until right now.

The last month has been crazy: 33 days were spent in 20 towns/ cities (ranging from a couple hours in an airport up to 10 days in a place). I’ve taken 12 flights so far and have two more tomorrow to get back “home”. I’ve been on three different train rides, and probably logged way too many miles as a passenger in a rented car in Italy, but at the end of the day I can only say that the last month has been a blast, and I can’t believe it’s coming to an end. 

Below a map of the places I’ve been for the past month: over the next couple weeks I’ll hopefully be able to update you more on the different stops of my roadtrip 🙂



Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 3.40.11 PM


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