Oh Firenze!

Once we arrived in Florence, we could feel it in the air: this city was special. The place we were staying at was a 15-20minutes walk from the train station, so we decided to get on our way and have a mini stroll through the city at night, and it was so pretty and calm. I absolutely loved all the pedestrian zones, and the fact that the city is built on two sides of a river which provided me with an abundance of bridges (something I absolutely love).

We spent two days in Florence, and walked all over town. I went up the hill that looks over the town three times during our stay because I couldn’t help myself especially when the sun came out. Overall: definitely recommended as part of your Italy itinerary!

After our two days in Florence, we rented a car and drove to Pisa, which is an hour away; we weren’t really planning on spending too much time in Pisa but figured since it was on our way and not too far, we could stop by the Pisa tower the first day and walk around town, and then head to Cinque Terre early the next morning!

Below picture highlights of Florence and a couple from Pisa! Next time: Cinque Terre!


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