A little piece of heaven: Cinque Terre


Now onto the 5th part of my Christmas break and the third part of my Italy roadtrip this January:

Cinque Terre is one of those places that you’ll literally find pictures of all over the internet from Pinterest to Instagram to every blog or website that features those amazing places you need to visit before you die. And the thing is they are right: Cinque Terre is one special part of this planet.

Cinque Terre in Italian means five lands, and this area which is also a national park and a UNESCO Hertiage Site represents 5 different villages across the north eastern coast of Italy and the area surrounding them.

Since we were in Italy in January, and we weren’t quite sure about the weather, we decided to spend the night in Pisa and have Cinque Terre be a day trip which worked out perfectly for us. However, I would say if you have some extra time, or go there in a season where warm weather is expected, do yourself a favor and plan two days in that area so that you can at least get some hikes in.

We woke up quite early in the morning and drove the one hour from Pisa to Levanto which is close to Cinque Terre and parked our car there. The rest of the way we used the train. We could have taken the train from Pisa as well, but you know we had a car and we figured it would be more comfortable.

Anyways, the concept of Cinque Terre is that these five little villages all exist on the coast and they’re all a couple minutes train ride away from each other; in the summers you can even hike between all of them but during the winter some of these hiking trails are closed. The five Cinque Terre villages are: Monterosso al Mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore, and while each of them has something special, Riomaggiore is by far the one most often pictured on the web and most definitely my favorite. With its house colors on the hill and the deep blue water just across it’s the perfect place to sit and stare and be grateful for this planet. Throughout the day, I wondered how people managed to build these towns and these train stations right by the coast; I’m serious, I betcha these same thoughts will run through your mind if you end up visiting!

We were blessed with the most gorgeous weather we could expect in January; the sun was out, and soon enough we didn’t even need to wear our coats because of how warm it was. I just wish there was a place for us to put them. Unfortunately, given that we were there in January, a lot of the cafes and restaurants were closed, which meant less tourists and more time to enjoy the areas yourself, but also not too much life in town.

Below picture highlights: As always enjoy!!


3 thoughts on “A little piece of heaven: Cinque Terre

  1. Thanks for this lovely post. Cinque Terre has been high on my list for years and the I never went, the crowds kept my away. Now January might be a better time! 🙂
    Best regards from the North, Dina


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