“Venice is like eating an entire box of chocolate liqueurs in one go.”

Heisann everyone!

Oh Venice. Truth be told, I don’t remember when I started being obsessed with travelling because it probably happened way too long ago. But, I guarantee you that right around the same time, I became obsessed with Venice.

As a kid this idea of having streets made out of water was just fascinating, and over the years I’ve been to a lot of places, but travelling to Venice remained an item on my bucket list. So when the opportunity presented itself with a roadtrip to Italy, I knew Venice would be part of that roadtrip even if it ends up being the final stop!

And so it was that after Pisa and Cinque Terre, we drove the final leg of the roadtrip, 4 hours to the Venice airport, where we checked in the rental car and took the boat to the place we rented in the middle of Venice. We had arrived at the perfect time right before sunset, so our boat ride was filled with gorgeous colors from the sunset occurring right infront of us.

Over the next few days I literally walked all over the island with a map in my pocket thinking that if I do get lost, the map can surely bring me back, but the thing is, at some point when I needed to go back after 6 hours of walking, I realized that Venice is so huge and that most of the streets aren’t really drawn on the map I had in my hands. Good thing I consider myself blessed with good orientation skills so eventually I learned my way around and created some reference points for myself.

Venice is one of those places that gets really crowded really fast during the high seasons, so if you get a chance to go during the low season, do so! The city will still be as gorgeous as it is in the summer and you will still enjoy the pretty sights and wander the tiny roads. You  will also probably be lucky enough to go on for minutes without bumping into someone else!

Before coming to Venice, I was a little scared about coming here; when you dream of some place for so long, you start having high expectations of what you’ll find when you get there. Venice for me was always that dream and I was too scared that that awesome image in my head would turn out to be a lie, but I’m so glad it didn’t. This city is truly a gem, and I can truly say that I’m so happy that so many years later  I can check that item off my bucket list!

Below some of my favorite pictures we took in Venice!




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