Final Chapter: All Roads Lead to Rome!

Heya all!

so, I had already written this post before I unintentionally closed the window and realized that the draft wasn’t saved. Sooo, please bear with me while I attempt to recall everything I had already mentioned previously.

If you have been following these roadtrip blog posts since the start, you probably remember my initial thought about Rome: it wasn’t love at first sight. (If you need a little refresher, here are the links to the previous 4 parts: 1) Rome & Napoli 2) Florence 3) Cinque Terre 4) Venice. But given that I had planned this trip a couple months ago, I had booked a train ticket from Venice to Rome on January 10th and my plane back to Bergen was on the 14th, so I had planned a few days to discover what Rome was all about.

I left Judy in Venice as she was taking her flight back to Madrid from the Venice airport, but I knew that we’d cross paths soon. See, that’s the thing with us globetrotters, it’s never really a true goodbye; it’s more like a see you later, because even though we don’t have any set plans to meet anytime soon, we know that the globe is this little place that connects us all and that sooner or later we’re bound to be in the same place at the same time.

I hopped on the train to Rome with a little bit of excitement, not necessarily because I was going to Rome, but more because I was meeting up with one of my best friends there. Limo had decided three weeks before to join me for the final part of my Christmas trip, and given that it was the first time we actually travelled together outside of Egypt and Germany, I decided to treat us to a hotel room courtesy of the few remaining hotel points from my old consulting life. We were even upgraded and treated like royalty (last month as a Platinum member at SPG!). This made me miss my old life just a little, but thinking about it, if I were still working, I would have probably never been able to go on such a long break and enjoy it like I did.

Rome greeted us with a drizzly cloudy first day, but soon enough on the second day gave us gorgeous warm sunshine. We literally walked all over town and visited every single church in Rome. No, wait, that’s a lie. ATTEMPTED to visit every single church we came across, but seriously this town has a bazillion churches (actually this is another lie, I just doublechecked, there’s a little more than 900 churches in Rome (Thanks, Wiki!)). But these churches are not just small prayer rooms; they’re more like these gorgeously decorated buildings that take your breath away once you step foot into one of them.

The second day after a short visit to St. Peters Square, we sat by the Spanish steps in the middle of downtown to breathe in the sunshine! It was just too good. And then on the third day after Limo left, I actually went back to the Vatican and bought the ticket to go inside. Definitely recommended if you have time. It made my day when the woman at the ticket counter only charged me the youth/student price (even though I’m above 25). If you still have a valid student card, bring it along with your passport to get half off the ticket! and THANK GOD for the low season; I read nightmares online about how long the lines would be, but I walked right in and had to wait for only a couple minutes.

Overall, after several days in Rome, I finally began to feel differently about this city; I slowly understood why people fall in love with this place and why some would even want to live here. Is it one of my top 5 places I’ve ever been to? Probably not, but let’s be real, the more you travel, the harder it gets to start making that list, and the more you realize that every place you see has it own little tiny place in your heart.

Below some pictures. Enjoy!

Can’t wait for my next adventure wherever it may be! But for now; I’m back in Bergen and the good ol’ student life!




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