The start of 2015!


Can’t believe it’s only been a month since I got back from Christmas break. A lot has happened over the last few weeks but life is slowly back to the normal student routine. The good news is that the days are finally getting longer, and somehow we get blessed with a ray of sunshine here and there that reminds us that SUMMER is coming 🙂

Highlights of the last four weeks!

1) Courses:


After trying out a bunch of classes, I’ve decided to take one economic history class while writing my thesis. It isn’t really part of my major and it won’t count towards my degree but I just found the subject interesting and the class entertaining. Aside from that I decided to check another item off my bucket list and take a french class in the hope of getting that language back. Ever since my three years of French in school, I promised myself that eventually I’ll take courses on my own and become fluent in it, but somehow life got in the way, and it’s only now, more than 10 years later, that I took a step in the right direction. It’s pretty fascinating though how much your mind remembers if you want it to. I walked into that first French class of the semester and the entire class was in French and the teacher was discussing French history, art, music and literature, and somehow I managed to understand. Will I be able to pass the 4 oral presentations? I don’t know, but we shall see. I do know though that I don’t regret the decision one tiny bit and I feel like I’ll eventually get that language back. Fingers crossed!

As for the thesis, Leo and I still haven’t started, but we promised each other that it’s going to happen this week; we need to sit down, figure it out and get started with all the research and writing. The plan is to ideally have it ready by June, but we are also open to write over the summer and go till August. It will be an interesting experience to say the least!

2) School Extracurricular

Given that I’m only taking two classes and that we haven’t really started with our thesis over the last month, I’ve had much more free time than I did in the fall. Funny enough, it didn’t feel like it. The planning for the MEBA (international students’ committee) events as well as being on the Foto group board has kept me quite busy. Last Thursday we went on a cabin trip with 30 or so full time international students at NHH and we had a blast! Seriously, Norway is indeed a gorgeous place and when you find yourself in a newly renovated cabin in the middle of nowhere, you have to find ways to enjoy it!



After the cabin trip we headed to the school prom, which was basically an excuse to dress up and enjoy a three course meal 🙂


3) Training

So, race day is T-7 weekends away, which is making me super nervous! I’ve spent a couple hours early in the week online just reading others’ blog posts about the Paris marathon and their experience. Everyone talks about how awesome the race was, but you know until you’re actually there running it, these nerves will just be chilling with you. Good news is that someone up there is watching out for me. Even if the weather isn’t the best all the time, we usually get at least one “nice” day a week where I can go out and run for a couple hours or so to get my long run out of the way.


Plus, I finally signed up for a gym membership and made another dream of mine a reality: using swimming as training. On days where it’s rainy, gloomy and dark, a dive into the pool along with a few laps is guaranteed to make me and my friends happy again. It also doesn’t hurt that there’s a sauna and a steam room right by the pool 🙂

4) Care Packages

If we’re friends on FB, you’ve probably seen the pics I’ve posted of the three awesome care packages I received in the course of 10 days. Seriously, I have the bestest family and friends. From a make your own pho kit to tea and chocolate and random other things I’ve missed from home along with cards that make me feel loved, I can’t help but be grateful for the people I have in my life!!



5) Exchange

I was hoping that by the time I finished all the travel blog posts that I would know when and where I’m going for exchange and that I’d be able to share it with you. Unfortunately, I still don’t, but keep your fingers crossed for me. The news should be here pretty soon!!!

For now, I’m going to sit in my room and enjoy the sunset view from my window!

Be happy,



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