One Day, I’m Going to Live in Paris!

Salut mes amis!

For those of you who are friends with me on Facebook, you’ve probably heard this piece of news already, and for those of you who aren’t, here it is: It looks like I’m moving to France for a year starting next September!!

Back in October I had submitted my applications for two study abroad programs: one of them being the double degree program with HEC Paris where you basically write your thesis during your second semester and then complete your second year at HEC and graduate with two different Master´s degrees from the two schools.

The other program is the CEMS program, which is pretty known and respected in Europe. As part of CEMS you would be required to study abroad at an exchange CEMS University for one semester and then graduate with your CEMS degree as a minor in international management.

Given that the double degree with HEC focuses on Sustainability, which is something I am really interested in, I decided to apply for it knowing full well how competitive the program is. Over the last few months since then, I’ve been obsessing about the application and literally thinking about it every day. People who are close to me probably heard me doubt myself way too many times. After four months of waiting and two interview rounds, HEC sent me an email last Monday offering me the final spot in the program. I was so excited when I read that mail that I was jumping up and down in my room for a couple mins! I have made it; I am going to freakin Paris (or to be exact the suburbs of Paris)!

Sadly, this means I’ll be saying goodbye to Bergen pretty soon which is definitely not going to be easy. Over the last 6+ months I called this place home, and now that I’m slowly getting the hang of it, it will be interesting to adapt to a new country and culture. But that’s part of the fun; never stay too long in your comfort zone or else you’ll be too scared to try something new. Plus, let´s face it, who can say no to unlimited amounts of cheese, wine, chocolate croissants and macarons? My life will basically be complete!


As for now, I get to finally start on my thesis and learn some more for my French class. Plus, now that I know that this is my last year in this country, I’ll be on the lookout to plan a couple trips outside Bergen to see the gorgeousness that made me want to move here in the first place!

Until next time,



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