Reino de España

Hola amigos!

Sorry I’ve been MIA over the last couple of weeks. Even though I’m not taking as many classes as last semester, I feel like time is flying just as fast.

Anyways, over the last few of days I was in SPAIN!! A couple months back my dad told me that he had a conference in Valencia and asked if I wanted to join. And knowing me, you probably guessed that there was no way for me to say no. Ever since I was a kid, I saw my dad travel to cool places, and I always wanted to join, but somehow it never worked out. And lately I’ve realized, the longer I wait, the harder it will get since my dad doesn’t travel as often for work anymore. So, I searched the Internet for the best flight prices and realized that the only way I could afford this trip is if I fly to Madrid and then train to Valencia.

I have never been to Spain before; I’ve been in almost every country in Western Europe, but somehow Spain was never one of those countries that I longed to visit. So given that I had never seen Madrid before, I decided to take my flight a day early and spend a day in the city. And I do not regret the decision one single bit.

The weather in Spain during my entire visit was nothing short of gorgeous, although for the first few hours, I felt like a vampire who couldn’t walk in the sun. But then once I got used to it, I couldn’t stop myself from walking on the bright side of the road the entire time. Sunshine is truly a blessing! And given the fact that most of my friends are just as international as I am, I was able to meet up with my Egyptian friend who is now studying in Madrid (and who travelled with me to Italy in December). It was fun to hang out in yet another country, and I realized that this is now the fourth country that we’ve seen together!

Thursday afternoon I got on the train to Valencia; some rides only take 1.5 hours, but since I wanted to save some mullah, I opted out for the 4 hours train ride and saved 30 bucks! And it actually wasn’t bad at all. Listened to podcasts and ate some candy and stared at people!

The next few days I spent wandering the city streets, hanging by the beach nearby and chilling in the sun. The city reminded me in too many ways of Alexandria except for the fact that I was able to walk around town with no one bugging me which I sadly could never do at home as freely. And it didn’t take too long before I fell in love with this little town and its people. Everything was chill, people were friendly, the weather mostly fantastic. If I could have spent a couple more days here, I prolly would have. Sadly though, all good things must come to an end, and so this morning I took the train back to Madrid, and I am now sitting by the window at the airport enjoying the last few rays of sunshine before I head back to my current home.

This country truly greeted me with some open arms, and I cannot wait to be back! Below a few Iphone pictures: Enjoy!

Hasta luego!


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