Vi skal gå på lørdagstur!

Hey y’all!

So, I’m dead tired, and I so want to go to sleep, but first off, it’s 8.30 on a Saturday night, so that’s lame, and second off I really really really want to share my awesome day with you.

My friend Becky is visiting from the States, and the weather is the most gorgeous it’s been this year, so some of us decided to hike Ulriken this weekend. Ulriken is the highest out of the seven mountains surrounding Bergen, and it’s kinda embarrassing that I never got to hike it until now.

Anyways, we took the bus to the bottom of the mountain this morning, and hiked the steep part to the top of the mountain. We made it to the top in around an hour with a  couple breaks and relaxed on top to enjoy the sun and the gorgeous views. The way up is pretty steep if you take the shortest option, and we knew that going down we’d actually want to take the longer route that passed by one of the other seven mountains Floyen! Online, it says the walk between the two mountains takes around 4 hours since there’s a lot of up and down on the way. What I didn’t mentally prepare myself for is how much snow is still up there; it’s crazy to me that so close to the city there’s SO much snow, and I finally get the people who take their skis up on a random day and go there to ski.

The snow made the experience so much more fun though; we kept sliding down the steep parts instead of walking them down. And while I’m still terrified of falling down of a cliff of a mountain, I can’t help myself but want to go on a crosscountry skiing trip. Who knows?

It took us almost 10 hours from door to door with plenty of walking, laughing, hiking, eating, snowball fights, buttsliding down mountains. Honestly one of my favorite days in the city!

Below some Iphone + a couple GoPro pics to prove it!


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