Barcelona <3

Hola amigos!

So right after my week in Paris, I headed to Barcelona for 5 days. I had never been there and given that it was Spring Break and tickets from Paris to Barcelona were ridiculously cheap, I figured why not? After a few emails back and forth between me and a couple of my friends, it was agreed that Natalia, my friend from Norway, and Karen who went to UW with me and who now lives in SF would meet me in Barcelona and that we’d hang out together.

It turned out to be a fantastic trip; we randomly roamed around old Barcelona streets, ate delicious food, hung out by the beach, ate some more good food, and drank way too many Blackberry Mojitos. By the end of the trip the bartender at the local bar that we went to almost everyday knew us by name and we could pretty much find our way through the little tiny alleys of the areas where most tourists are too lazy to venture out. We sang random songs while walking around town, laughed our faces off to inside jokes and just took in as much Vitamin D as the city allowed us.

As always pictures below courtesy of Iphone photography 😛


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