“On earth there is no heaven, but there are pieces of it.”

Hello all!

I’ve been falling behind on my posts, but I figured since I have a few minutes now, I can tell you about my two day roadtrip in Norway. After our trip to Barcelona Karen came to visit me in Bergen!! It was pretty awesome because I finally got the chance to introduce her to the place I’ve been calling home for the last few months.

We decided to rent a car for a couple days and venture out. Unfortunately, given that it’s still April most of the known places were closed because of the snow, so we ventured out to random little places here and there. On the second day we wanted to make our way south to Stavanger, but our rental stopped working on the ferry and we had to wait for the tow car, get towed away and get a new rental in the meantime. Was definitely one hell of an experience, but let’s hope we only have to go through it once. 😀

No words will ever come to describe this gorgeous country, so hoping a few pictures can do it justice!




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