“A journey is best measured in friends rather than miles.”

Woah, it’s already been a couple of weeks since my last post. Crazy how fast time is flying by these days!

Anyways… I spent the last week in Germany and made my way through three towns to meet up with friends and family. It was an exhausting week but a much appreciated reminder of how many good people I have met over the years. I arrived in Frankfurt on Monday evening and made my way to Nadine’s house. I worked with Nadine six years ago when I interned in Frankfurt, and in 2011 when I decided to go back to visit her, she had to go out of town last minute, and so I ended up staying at her place without seeing her. So last week was the first time I actually got to hang out with her since 2009. It felt just like the good old days! Tuesday morning, I even went back to my old office to say hi to some of my old coworkers who still work there.



Afterwards, I hopped on a train to Wuerzburg and was greeted by my aunt and my sister at the train station. Later, I met up with dad too, and it felt like a mini family reunion. The weather was warm and sunny and it was great to wonder the streets of this little town that I fell in love with years before.



Wednesday evening I made my way back to Frankfurt with my dad and sister, and Thursday morning we all parted ways.


Dad went back to Egypt, my sister met up with her friends in Frankfurt, and I made my way to Berlin for the event that brought me to Germany in the first place: Hubi’s wedding!

Limo, one of my best friends, had arrived the night before and both of us were staying with Nour, another childhood friend who currently lives in Berlin. Thursday, we went to brunch at Heidi’s place, yet another childhood friend who currently lives in Berlin, and who just got married a couple months back. Later in the evening, we went to a ballroom studio to meet up with Hubi, her fiancee and their friends. It was a lot of fun.



Friday was the ceremony at the Staatsamt and Saturday was the actual fun celebration. Both days were seriously awesome, and I felt so blessed to be able to see all of it live.

Limo had to head back on Sunday evening, so Monday I met up with Hubi for one final time and hung out with Nour just like the good old days. And yet again I became convinced that some people are meant to stay in your lives even if you don’t talk to them on a daily basis.


Remaining grateful,



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