“Getting lost is not a waste of time.”

Man, man, man! Three days left before I move out of my dorm room in Norway and leave for the summer! It’s crazy to think that this is it, but there’s still so much on my bucket list for this country and I’m trying to fit as much of it in.

Over this past long weekend, I met up with Matthieu (my friend from Paris) in Stavanger; the plan was to spend a day in the city and two days to hike both Preikestolen and Kjerag. Unfortunately, since it’s still May, the hotel staff wasn’t sure that the Kjerag trail would be completely open/hikeable, so we decided to not risk a three hours one way ride and have to return empty handed and improvised instead.

Saturday called for the best weather forecast, so we decided to hike Preikestolen. While it did not rain, the skies were a little cloudy on top of the mountain because we started early in the day. But let’s be real, a view like that looks good no matter what the weather. Starting early meant we could enjoy a lunch picnic on top and walk down afterwards with a feeling of accomplishment. We still had plenty of sunshine left for the day (sunset is at 1030pm), so on our way back we decided to take a detour and randomly stop at places we thought looked cool.

Sunday had the worst weather forecast. It was nonstop rain until probably 4pm, but that still didn’t stop us from walking around town and playing geo-caching. (Have you heard of it before? I hadn’t, but Matthi introduced it to me during this trip and I got hooked. Still not super good at it, but y’a never know). Once the skies cleared up in the evening, we decided to take the car for yet another random drive around and stumbled upon too many little gorgeous spots.

Monday greeted us thankfully with a better weather forecast. While there was little rain here and there, there was also sunshine breaks that made you feel like summer has arrived. We decided to drive out of Stavanger and down south by the coast, and the views honestly took my breath away at some points. Sometimes, I even forgot I’m in Norway and got a feeling like I’m somewhere far away.

Overall, I realized that Norway is one of those places that is best explored with a car and without a plan. Just put some music on and drive somewhere and you’re bound to reach a spot that will make you feel like heaven is a piece of this planet.

Below some iphone pictures to prove it!

Until next time,



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