Summer is almost over!!

Can you believe it? Because I can’t!! Summer is almost over, and soon enough I’ll be making my way back to Bergen for a couple weeks before I officially take my two suitcases and head to Paris for my final year of the Masters program.

This morning I was thinking about how soon enough I’ll need to start the job search and how I’m already dreading that process, but that’s another’s day worry.

Over the last couple weeks I’ve done some travelling! (You weren’t expecting that were you?) I’ve been to Cancun for five days and to Miami for three. Really wanted to get in as much Vitamin D as possible, and it worked! I’m a 100 shades darker than I was during my time in Norway, and soon enough I’ll be ready for the lands of no sun 😀 Seriously though, both trips were fantastic. I did nothing in Miami except sit by the beach, jump into the warm ocean and eat. In Cancun, I went diving and we did a Cenotes tour which was fantastic and definitely recommended!

Below a few picture highlights; enjoy, and until next time!


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