Back on the right side of the world?

Hey peeps!

So, I’m back on this side of the world; woohoo!! Made it to Bergen for 2 days where I got to hang out with Ines, take some pictures for the photo group during welcome week and just enjoy some nice weather in town before hopping on a plane on Friday afternoon and flying over to Copenhagen.

The plan was originally to meet up with a friend of mine here, but she bailed on me last minute and I found myself with a booked solo fight to Copenhagen and didn’t have the heart to say no. Haha. I literally packed my bag in 10 minutes on Friday morning and made my way to the airport.

I had forgotten how solo travelling felt like; the last time I’ve done it was 2 years ago and at that time I met some people on the bus on my second day and continued my trip with them. This time round though, I checked in at the hostel and went out to dinner on my own. When I got back,the two girls that were staying in my room mentioned that they were going downstairs to the bar to have a drink, so I joined, and soon enough we were surrounded with a group of people who we spent the night with. It was pretty awesome!

Sadly, Stephanie, my Canadian roomie, had to leave the next morning, but Anna, my German 18 years old roomie (who made me realize how old I actually am when she said she was born in 1997) was still there and so over the last two days we split up in the mornings to each do what we want and met up in the afternoon to avoid eating dinners on our own. 😀 So glad for a friendly familiar face in town!

Still, one more day left, but for now I’m chilling at the hostel after a long day of walking and planning for my day tomorrow.

Below some pictures.

Until next time!


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