Ha det bra, Norge!

Hey y’all!

It’s been a long 10 days, and I’ve been wanting to write this blog post for a while, but with saying goodbye to my friends in Norway, the intense move with two checked in bags and two backpacks and the settling down in Jouy en Josas and at HEC, the last couple of weeks have been a little crazy! Here’s a quick summary:

My last few days in Norge were amazing: coming back from the North, I spent a few days with my friends checking items off my bucket list: from trying a reindeer hotdog (weird) & soup (delicious!), to welcoming the new students on campus, to saying goodbye to some great NHH staff and lastly going on the Trolltunga hike that I’ve always wanted to complete, my last days in Bergen were definitely memorable.

And when it was time to finally say goodbye to that little town, oops, excuse me, the second biggest city in Norway, I felt a little sad. I was saying goodbye to a place I considered home for a year, to strangers that became close friends, and to a ton of memories, but just like any other time, I knew that somehow, sometime, I’d visit this country and possibly see these people again.

The things I’ll miss about Bergen: My gorgeous fjord view from my Hatleberg dorm room, going up Stolzen (one of the seven mountains surrounding the city) when I had a long break between classes, the photography club at NHH, the girls’ outings, the MEBA council, Team Lomination, Romination, Domination, my before-sunrise runs that made  me feel on top of the world, Kvikk Lunsj (the equivalent of KitKat), the concept of salmon being the most affordable protein and every single person that made my time in Bergen as awesome as it was.

Thank you for a fantastic year! I truly feel blessed. Below some pictures from my final days in Bergen!

Ha det bra, Norge and until we meet again!

Next up: Jouy en Josas and Paris!!! =]


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