And life in France continues…

Hey y’all!

It looks like I’m still not quite in the groove of writing weekly blog posts, but given that we have this week off school, I figured I can squeeze in a post 🙂

It’s been almost a month since my last post, and things have been quite hectic here at Jouy/Paris. On October 1st, we’ve had the COP21 event at HEC, which was quite a success. Jeremy Rifkin was the main speaker, and everyone seemed to appreciate his talk. Other than that, we had several workshops throughout the day that introduced the public to the concept of climate change and different topics related to sustainability.


Once the conference was over, our actual program’s classes started in full swing. All of a sudden everyone found themselves bombarded with a million group projects, assignments, papers and presentations. At some point I had to write down the list of my different groups to keep track…

But the good thing is that even though school is busy, we all manage to find little things to do that make us enjoy our life in France.

  1. Monika and I ran the Paris Nike 10K together one weekend, and I managed to get a PR for the first time in a while, which was kinda exciting for me.12112463_10205920189301191_2826166291068963793_n
  2. I also managed to meet up with Ram, an old Accenture friend, while he was here for a business trip.10357454_10153733616572848_431288963455151845_n
  3. Alex, my Russian friend from Norway dropped by my dorm room on a busy Sunday afternoon to say hi while she was visiting another friend in the area.10500368_10153747536932848_9025282281631076780_n
  4. Ines and Filipa came to visit, and we spent a few days exploring Paris and its delicious foods.11219088_10153957000373888_5652475289547243798_n
  5. And during their visit, I took Ines on a long run around the French countryside, and she managed to take this awesome pic of me.10390933_10153760247087848_2028705601658111438_n
  6. Countdown to my marathon: 10 days. AHHHHH!!!!!

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