À bientôt, Paris!

Coucou tout le monde,

Wow, I’ve just realized that over the last four months, I’ve only published four posts; that’s basically 25% of the number of posts I’ve published during my first semester in Bergen.

But surprisingly, life in Jouy is somehow busier than in Bergen, and then we were hit by the sad events in Paris, and I didn’t necessarily feel excited to share my depression with the outside world.

Sunset down the Champs Elysees

Oh well, the good news is that somehow the class survived its first semester together; last week was the final week for most courses except for a couple that still have a final session scheduled for sometime in January. So, on Wednesday evening we decided to celebrate; we all got together for an awesome house party and had to show up with zombie faces to class on Thursday morning. It was still fun though and well worth the state of mind on Thursday!

Happy Holidays from us to you!

Now that the break is finally here, I’m excited for some sunny skies!! I had to sleep over at the airport for the second time this semester in order to not miss my early flight this morning, but I do hope that it’s worth it once I land in Bangkok 15 hours later and get to enjoy Thailand for a couple weeks.

Sadly, this means that there’s no family Christmas for me this year; I didn’t realize how much I’ll be missing everyone by now, so I do really hope I get to see them soon.

For now, all I’ll do is sit in this comfy chair, attempt to stay as warm as I can and stare outside the window waiting for the A380 to make its entry to the gate.




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