Eat your way through Paris!

Hey y’all!

Here’s the promised second part of my favorite Parisian things (for the first part, click here); this time it includes my favorite food and coffee/tea places I’ve tried so far 🙂 For location purposes, google, yelp, or message me!

You’ll notice that most of the places I recommend are either brunch places or quick snack places, and a couple dinner options: this is mainly due to uhm – student budget. 😀

  • Falafel from L’As du Falafel


You’ll prolly hear this one from a million people. Honestly, if you’re coming from Egypt, I will not bring you here haha But if you’re coming from anywhere in Europe or the States, you’ll prolly end up here during your Parisian trip and love it. Lines during the weekend are crazy, so either come during off hours or during the week.

  • Croissant from Du Pain et des Idees


Tiny bakery, but the croissants are delicious! So are the escargots with the pistachio flavor!

  • Macarons from La Maison du Chocolat or Pierre Herme


People will probably recommend Laduree. For some reason, I don’t really like those macarons. I would recommend the ones from Pierre Herme or La Maison du Chocolat more; there’s several locations all over town, so I’m sure you can find a store close to where you’ll be.

  • Brunch at Le Pain de la Bourse

Delicious! The breads, the spreads and just the atmosphere of the place. Really good especially if you like a sweet breakfast! (Savory options available too)

  • Veggie stew from Bob’s Kitchen

I really like the veggie stew here. It’s nothing French really, but it’s just delicious and healthy, so if you feel like a change, stop by for a quick lunch here. Place is tiny, so don’t expect to hang out for long. Warm tea is free!

  • Tapas & Wine at L’Avant Comptoir


Such a good little tiny Tapas bar! Mostly standing. Good wine, delicious tapas, free bread and pickles, what else do you want!

  • Dinner at the La Maison Bleue

Never heard about this place before I stopped here with friends for dinner one day. Portions are small, but honestly the food was delicious. Tad bit expensive for the portion, but atmosphere is really nice!

  • Korean at L’Arbre de Sel

Are you craving Korean food? Because I do at least once a month, and this is usually where I come to get my fix. Lunch menu is perfectly priced and you leave feeling so full! Bibimbap for life.

  • Tacos at Candelaria

Just found out about this place very recently, and it also happens to be a bar at night, but the tacos are DELICIOUS!!

  • La Creperie de Josselin

Craving galettes (savory crepes) or crepes (sweet)? If so, head to the Montparnasse area, where you’ll find a lot of creperies. My favorite is the La Creperie de Josselin. Tiny but fast service, and delicious!

  • Brunch at Holybelly


Get the savory pancakes. Seriously. Just get them. So good. (They’re a tad sweet too though) oh and the Flat White. So good. But if you’re coming on a Sunday, come super early, or expect the wait.

Brunch at Le Pain Quotidien


Chances are if you’re from the East Coast of the States you know this place, but for some reason I like this place here more. It has several locations and brunch is delicious!

  • Happy Nouilles

Delicious homemade Asian noodles! Not French at all, but you never know when you’re craving your Asian food fix.

  • Cheese, Baguette, Chocolate and Wine

If they weather is nice, stop by any supermarket, buy yourselves those essentials and just have a picnic anywhere. Guaranteed moments of pure happiness especially if the sun in out.

Ok, so now onto the my favorite section: Coffeeshops!

  • Coutume


One of my favorite coffeeshops in the city. It has some delicious coffee and is a really good for studying during off times. Free Wifi! Oh and the muesli is pretty good for breakfast!

  • Cafe Deylan

More of a tea place than a coffee place, but the chocolate moelleux cake is so good. And I’m yet to try the nutella one. Free Wifi too and nice outdoors seating on sunny days!

  • Coffee Spoune

Chill new cafe I just discovered. Also good for studying during off times, and free wifi!

  • Colorova Patisserie


Cute space, delicious pastries and good for studying during off times; also free wifi!

  • KB Cafeshop 

Tiny place, so chances of getting any work done here are close to none. Good noncreamy chai, and delicious cookies!

  • Loustic

Creamy chai! Good cappuccino! Delicious cake! & cute but tiny place.

That’s it for now; I’ll let you know as I come across more places.




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