And off I go to Canada…

Hey y’all!

I figured I’ll do my best in maintaining this blog over the summer and update y’all on my travels before September is here, and I find myself back to the good old work life!

The first trip of the summer came three weeks after I landed in DC; by that time I had spent enough time with the family, unpacked, started packing again for Norway and bought some of the essentials I’ll be taking with me when I move across the ocean.

But anyways, back to the trip: The plan consisted of a week where I would fly into Toronto to see Monica, my Canadian friend from HEC and Nada, my childhood Egyptian friend and then continue along. Arriving in Toronto on a Tuesday afternoon, I spent the evening with Monica and the following day with Nada before taking the 5 hours bus ride to get to Ottawa where I met up with Mira and Lina (also my childhood Egyptian friends and almost family). Given that I had been to Ottawa before, Mira and I decided to take a mini road trip to Quebec City, which unfortunately was quite cold, rainy and cloudy after the first afternoon. However, this didn’t stop us from enjoying ourselves and trying quite a few restaurants and coffeeshops in between the sightseeing attempts in the rain. 

Overall, the trip was well worth it. It was so good to get to see everyone again and spend some much appreciated time laughing and bringing up old memories 🙂




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