If you’re going to Saaaaan Fraaancisco…

… be sure to wear some flowers in your hair … (For the complete song, click here :))

I guess based on the title of this post you figured what the destination of my last trip was, or well the initial destination of my two weeks long vacation.

On July 19th, I hopped on a plane to SF; having been in the city at least a handful of times before, I honestly only headed back to get to spend some time with some of my college friends who have moved there after school. It’s awesome how over the last 6 years since graduation, so many people have moved south from Seattle and settled in the SF area. Everytime I go back, I wonder when I will do the same given how awesome that city is. Anyways, my 5 days in the city were spent eating delicious food, walking around town and attempting to climb up those SF hills, and meeting up with friends. It was awesome!! Below some highlights 🙂

The second part of the trip started when Karen and I hopped on a plane in direction Kalispell, Montana! The plan was to spend a couple days in Glacier National Park before driving up to Banff and Jasper across the border. We spent all day Sunday driving through the Going to the Sun road and on the most gorgeous Grinnell Glacier hike, and man, was it exhausting but SO worth it! Sunday night we returned to the airport to pick up Sherry who would continue the rest of the journey with us! Waking up on Monday morning, we decided to complete a ‘short’ hike in Glacier before hopping in the car and driving the 5 hours across the border to the north! We ended up on the Avalanche Lake trail, which I absolutely loved, partly because I hadn’t heard about it during my initial research and ended up loving the lake by the time we ended up seeing it! Below some picture highlights.


Coming up next: Banff & Jasper!

Until then,




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