“I’m not running to nature for repairs. I’m running to nature because it’s objectively beautiful and like Forrest Gump, I like to run.”

Ok, so first things off, I had initially planned to write this blog post a couple days after I published the first part (see here), but I guess life and travels got in the way, so I apologize. Having said that I still want to write a little about our Banff and Jasper adventures. Afterall, this gorgeous part of the world needs a little more PR!

So after our quick hike in Glacier, we got on the road for our 5 hours roadtrip through the rockies and up across the border to Banff. We had originally decided to splurge on the Banff Airbnb given that all hotels in the area were expensive anyways and we had kept a decent budget for our two other stops. We ended up booking a room in an actual B&B an hour away from the park, and it was beautiful. The couple who ran the place was super friendly and the place simply gorgeous. Here’s the link to it in case you’re ever interested.

Over the following three days we ended up doing a couple hikes in the Banff/Yoho area including the hike from Takakkaw Falls up to Laughing Falls and then further to a viewpoint to Twin Falls (LONG! and we didn’t really expect it to be because Sherry decided to lie to us :P) & the Agnes Teahouse hike by Lake Louise (Moderate but not too bad!). We also drove by Lake Emerald Lake (GORGEOUS!) & Lake Moraine (FATASTIC!!!!) before we slowly made our way up north to Jasper. Below some pics of this part of the trip!


The road from Banff to Jasper is called Icefields Parkway and includes plenty of gorgeous stops and mini hikes that you can get to enjoy to break the 4-5 hours car ride. My favorites were the Peyto Lake and of course the glacier (which sadly might not be there a few years from now…).

In Jasper we ended up going on a hike around the Valley of the 5 Lakes (DO IT!!!!), a hike around Maligne Lake (weather wasn’t on our side) and we also went rafting which was super cool! Sadly, on our second day in Jasper the weather turned on us so we got to chill and relax instead of going up the planned long hike. Seriously though, this is one part of the world that is way too underrated and is just too gorgeous to be missed out on! Do yourself a favor and opt out for a nature adventure the next time you plan a vacation!

Jasper pics below!


Next up: Croatian adventures!


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