The Norwegian Language

As some of you already know, I have decided to give the Norwegian language a second chance.  A couple of years ago when I lived in Bergen, I took Norwegian for a semester before I found out that I’d be moving to Paris and decided to switch my focus to French instead. I clearly remember the thoughts going through my head: “When would I ever need Norwegian? It is not like I am ever moving back to Norway!!” HAH! You’ve gotta appreciate the irony!

Well, so here I am attempting to learn this language; I’ve been going to evening classes twice a week where I attempt to mumble some random Norwegian words in combination with some French, English and German hoping that the teacher will get the gist of what I am saying. I still don’t dare to speak out loud to people I know, but I’ve managed to ask for my receipt twice in Norwegian (which I am extremely proud of! haha). However,  some coworkers have already started receiving ‘fake’ Norwegian emails from me. I say ‘fake’ because a lot of my sentences tend to mean something completely different than what I am trying to say, but I am trying I swear!

The good news is that I am slowly (albeit not completely) turning away from the French sounds of pffft, bah and behn and attempting to replace them by mmhhmmm, hmmm, deep fast inhales (that sound like my heart just stopped for a second) and awkward silences. I don’t think I have fully mastered the sounds yet (especially not the inhales), but I think I am learning those much faster than I am learning the tone of speaking Norwegian (which by the way sounds more like singing than it sounds like speaking!)


Fire Alarm at the Restaurant

So last Friday I went out to dinner with some friends from work before we headed to the cinema to watch Woody Allen’s latest movie. We were about to order, when suddenly the fire alarm went off.

It was fascinating to see what happened in the following few minutes. The servers slowly asked everyone to evacuate and wait across the street from the restaurant. Within a couple minutes, they started serving us warm tea while the firetrucks arrived. It was pretty funny to overhear some of the servers freaking out about how everything would be delayed and how people would arrive later on for their reservations but that their tables wouldn’t be ready. Thankfully though, this whole incident did not last more than 5-10 minutes, and we were back inside in no time!


Norwegian Neighbors

Last week when I was leaving to work on Thursday morning, I found this sheet hung up on the front door and below it a full plastic bag. Granted my Norwegian language skills are minimal, but I was still able to decipher the words. Turns out some of our neighbors were throwing a birthday party the following evening and in an attempt to not annoy the neighbors were offering free earplugs to the appartments in the building. Hahhaa How cute are those Norwegians really?



And a bonus: A typical bus ride in Oslo

No words needed.



Until the next time!



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