“When it’s three o’clock in New York, it’s still 1938 in London.”

Hey y’all!

So, this past weekend I finally made my way to London! A few years back (I think it was in 2013 (?)), I stopped by London for a 10 hours transit and met up with a friend and just walked around all over town. That day, I promised myself I’d be back, but somehow it took a while longer than I expected.

So, when Vale (my Italian friend from NHH) moved to London, I knew that I’d have to go and visit. And then Karen and Apurva decided to make London the last stop of their Eurotrip and I figured what’s better than to fly there for a weekend trip at the same time and introduce my groups of friends to each other? And let me tell you, it was awesome!

I arrived on Thursday evening, and spent Friday morning by my laptop finishing up some work. Around 3pm I met up with Apu and Karen for some delicious Indian food before I went back home to meet up with Vale and Ines (my Austrian friend who decided to visit the same weekend and who had just landed!). Later that day we met up with the rest of the girls for some delicious dinner and cocktails!

Saturday started with a quick neighborhood run followed by a walking tour around some London street art and then some delicious afternoon tea! Rosie, Karen’s friend, met up with us for the tour and spent the rest of the day with us 🙂

On Sunday, Ines and I woke up early to get a long-ish run in. It was perfect weather for a run and I so wish Ines could be there with me in 2 weeks while I attempt to run my marathon (which I haven’t trained for very well). Oh well! So, after the run and a quick shower we headed in direction of Camdentown where we met up with the rest of the girls crew for some delicious fish and chips and a walk around the neighborhood! Sadly, eventually we all had to part ways and say our goodbyes.

Overall, I fell in love with this town, even though I barely did anything touristy. I cannot wait to be back – hopefully in the summer when I can get to sit in the parks and enjoy the outdoors even more.

From Oslo with <3,


P.S. Here’s a list of all the places we’ve got to drop by during the weekend.


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