Riga – To Do & To Eat!

Hello again!

So in May, two of my girlfriends and I went to Riga for the weekend. One of the girls is getting married in July, so we figured we’d do the bachelorette party somewhere fun! Since we did plenty of research on what to do/ where to go that weekend, I figured I can share our final list with you here.

To do:

Riga Walking Tour: My friends and I decided to join the free walking tour around town. The guide usually waits by the main entrance of St. Peter’s church around 12pm. Definitely recommended as an intro to the town and the culture.

Hair Riga Salons: Since it was a Bachelorette party, my friends and I decided to get our hair cut & nails done. We picked this place which ended up being super affordable and pretty great.

To eat:

For brunch:

1. La Kanna: pretty great place for brunch especially that it is an all you can eat buffet with plenty of options.


2. Makonis: The place offers unlimited waffle breakfast (both savory and sweet options) as well as a a la carte menu. Pretty well priced, however don’t expect the waffles to be warm.


For a fancy dinner:

Biblioteka Restaurant: For our only dinner in town together, we made reservations at the Bibliteka restaurant, which was great. The atmosphere relaxed, the servers friendly and the food delicious!!

For drinks:

Skyline Bar: Later on Saturday we headed to the Skyline Bar, where we had some delicious (although not all were) cocktails! The views were also hard to beat!


Overall, the city was great & affordable! Plus if it’s nice out, you get to enjoy the gorgeous parks that the town has to offer! So overall, definitely recommended!




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