What to do & see & eat & drink in Oslo! (Part 1)

Hey y’all!

Having lived in Oslo for almost a year now (and having received multiple messages asking me for recommendations of things to do and places to go in the city), I’ve figured it’s officially time to launch this blog post.

So let’s start with the easy part: If you’re in Oslo for a full day, I would suggest the following handmade itinerary as your starting point. All activities mentioned on this itinerary are free.


  • Frognerparken / Vigelandsparken


First off is Vigelandsparken: It’s a gorgeous park on sunny days, but even during the winter, it is worth stopping by to take a look at all the creepy, yet hilarious naked statues.

  • The Royal Palace


After visiting Vigelandsparken, make your way to the royal palace and its surrounding garden. I recommend walking down Bogstadsveien, so that you can do some window shopping (and some actual shopping if you so wish) on the way. Once by the royal palace, take some time to roam around the park and see the palace up close. The building is open for visitors during the summer season, but you need to buy tickets beforehand, if you don’t want to get stuck in a queue on a waiting list for too long. Check this link if you’re interested and will be in Oslo from end of June – mid August.

  • Rådhuset (City Hall)

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Once done with the royal palace, make your way to the Rådhuset. If you need a quick bathroom break, don’t worry, there are free ones downstairs 😀 – Once that’s settled take a moment to look around the pictures in the main hall as well as the rooms on the first floor. During the summers, a free guided tour is offered as well.

  • Akerhus Festning

Are you all warmed up now? Good because we’re heading back outside to the Akerhus fortress right across the street. On the way to the fortress, you can also take a look at the Nobel Peace Prize Building (you can buy tickets to get in) and one of the newest areas in Oslo (Akker Brygge) that is full of restaurants and coffeeshops. If the weather is nice, spend some time walking around the fortress and getting glimpses and gorgeous views of the Oslo fjord.

  • Oslo Opera House


After spending some time at the fortress, I would recommend heading straight to the opera house. A tour of the opera itself requires a ticket, but everyone is free to roam the rooftop of the building which in my humble opinion is just as pretty and definitely worth it!

  • Oslo Cathedral 

Noone ever visits Oslo just for its cathedral, but I mean if you’re here, you might as well stop by no? And that way you can even get to sign your name in the book by the entrance.

  • Grünerløkka / Blå / Mathallen


The final stop of this one day trip is the neighborhood of Grünerløkka (which is known as the hipster part of town). Here you can just roam around the streets, look at some cool streets art (especially around the club Blå) and stop by the fairly new food market of Mathallen (if you’re interested)!

Next up: Recommended cafes, restaurants, and activities for a couple more days in town!


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