What to do & see & eat & drink in Oslo! (Part 2)

Hey y’all,

if you’ve missed part 1 of this post, follow this link to learn more about a 1 day itinerary for your visit to Oslo.

Otherwise, continue reading to learn more about some of my favorite (and -for Oslo standards- decently priced) food / coffee spots in this town!

I. Coffeeshops

Ok, so first up are the coffeeshops; Oslo is known to be one of the cities with the highest coffee consumption in the world. Norwegians truly love their coffee! And just like anywhere, you will find your Starbucks coffee, but I truly and from the bottom of my heart hope that you don’t enter a Starbucks during your time in Oslo. Other than Starbucks there’s also the Norwegian chain Kaffebrenneriet or the Swedish chain Espresso House, which are slightly more Scandinavian albeit still not local enough in my taste.

So, the question is which ones are my favorites? Well, here’s the list of my top 3.

  1. Tim Windelboe: Tim Windelboe is the most known coffeeshop in Oslo, and the coffee is truly delicious. However, I would only recommend stopping by if you’re not looking for a place to sit down for a bit and catch up since there’s barely any inside seating. On sunny warm days, you can take your coffee and sit out for a bit.unnamed1
  2. Supreme Roastworks: Supreme Roastworks is a close second to Tim Windelboe and tends to be my favorite out of the two just because it offers indoor seating and free wifi.
  3. Åpent Bakeri Frydenlund: Ok, so Åpent Bakeri is as the name suggests it more of a bakery and less of a coffeeshop, but of course they still serve coffee. What I love about this location (even though this bakery is a chain) is the awesome and relaxing decor.17190901_10155149258802848_4054744739217948093_n

II. Affordable Lunch Spots

A lot of the restaurants offer lunch menus, so if you want, take a look at some of those too. But when I have friends over in Oslo, we are usually looking for a quick, delicious meal in the midst of all the sightseeing instead of a fancy meal, so below is a list of my favorite 3 spots.

  1. Fiskeriet: Fiskeriet is first and foremost a small fish market, but they also sell some dishes. There is little indoors seating and a terrace for the summer. If it’s a warm sunny day, I recommend you grabbing their fish and chips to go and sitting on one of the benches across from the restaurant. The price difference between eating in and take out is quite big!
  2. Vippa: Vippa is Oslo’s newest food hall addition. The place offers both indoors and outdoors seating and plenty of stalls to pick from. Everything my friends and I tried here is delicious, so you can’t go wrong.
  3. Godt Brød: This bakery/sandwich shop offers multiple locations across the city, so take a look at the rest if they’re closer to where you’re staying. The place offers delicious sandwiches. You pay a set price and can include whatever you want on your chosen bread. Never did I eat here and not feel like I’ve just eaten the freshest ingredients.

III. Cocktails

There’s plenty of bars across town and be warned that alcohol is ridiculously expensive in this country. However, if you decide to venture out for a drink, I truly recommend the following two places.

  1. Himkok: Plenty of seating; the place itself is divided into 3 rooms: two indoors and one outdoors although not all are open all the time. However, their cocktails are delicious and change by the season.
  2. Torggata Botansike: Gorgeous interior! Seriously! And it’s just so relaxing!


Hope this helps! Sorry for the lack of pictures, but I’ll try including some soon!




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