Thank you Notes

For those of you who watch the Jimmy Fallon show, you probably know what I’m talking about; every week Jimmy writes random thank you notes; follow this link to one of his videos.

It’s been over a week since I’ve started creating my own Thank you notes; I figured now that I have a blog I could share them with you as well. This page will be updated regularly.


August 8th: Thank you Ikea Bergen for offering a free shuttle bus from the dorms to your store; way to make us spend 200+ dollars and make us feel good about saving a bus fare.

August 13th: Thank you Bergen’s student organization for selling a reusable coffee cup + unlimited coffee refills for the entire semester for $40. It’s probably the cheapest thing I’ll ever get in Norway and now I’m officially turning into a coffee addict.

August 14th: Thank you Stolzen hike (that includes 730+ steps) for making me realize that the last two years of running still didn’t help in killing the fat unfit kid inside me.

August 19th: Thank you FB for teaching me know how to spell my Norwegian friends’ names before I can even pronounce them.

August 28th: Thank you annoying girl in the first row in every one of my classes for making me realize that I have officially grown up and no longer need to sit in the first row to prove to the teachers that I’m a good student.

Oct 30th: Thank you elder Norwegian lady on the bus for yelling at us for being a little loud and making us realize that we finally feel right at home.

Nov 8th: Thank you Ikea for providing family breakfast buffets twice a month for 50% off; for the first time since I’ve moved to Norway, something feels like it’s affordable.

Nov 17th: Thank you universe for blessing us with gorgeous weather on days where I’m supposed to stay inside and attempt to study.

Oct 12th: Thank you NSB (National Norwegian Railway company) for your strikes which made me realize that even this country can not be considered Utopia.





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