My Running Life

As a way of trying to keep track of my running life and the races I’ve done, below is a list of the ones I can remember 🙂


May: Ran my first mile!

October: Baltimore Running Festival 5K: 28:45


March: Hot Chocolate 15K: 1:30:13

April: Back on My Feet Half Marathon: 2:05 (?)

June: Annapolis Zooma Half Marathon: 2:14:40

August: AT&T Sneaks Come out at Night 15K Relay: Overall Time: 1:22:10

September: Rock n Roll Philadelphia Half Marathon: 2:03:17

October: Baltimore Running Festival 2:07:49

October: Marine Corps Marathon: 4:46:38

November: Philadelphia Half Marathon: 2:09:16


January: The Rain Run Half Marathon: 2:11:34

April: Back on My Feet Half Marathon: 2:03:12

April: Nike Half Marathon, DC: 1:58:06

May: Deleware Marathon: 4:40:15


April: Paris Marathon: 4:47:30

April: Bergen Half Marathon: 2:05 (?)

September: Paris Versailles 16K: 1:34:10

October: 10K Nike Paris: 51:59

November: Athens Original Marathon 4:43:18


March: Paris Semi Marathon: 2:13:00

March: Marseilles Half Marathon: 2:00:53


February: Kyoto Marathon 4:55:xx

And the list continues…