What to see & eat in Osaka!

Hey y’all!

If you’ve missed my Kyoto recommendations, please follow this link.

So, after my few days in Kyoto, I decided to go to Osaka for one day, so sadly the list below isn’t as long as my Kyoto one, but I figured it’s still worth writing 🙂

What to see in Osaka

1. Osaka Castle


Given that I was in Osaka for less than 24 hours, I decided to not go inside the castle (which is a museum) but rather spend time walking around the garden and looking at the castle from the outside. And it’s honestly worth a visit if you have a short layover; beautiful building!

2. Dotonbori Neighborhood


The Dotonbori neighbordhood is what I expected of Japan, loud, busy and full of lights and random signs that made me feel like I’m lost in translation. Definitely touristy, but I would still give it a go! There’s also a big shopping street around if you need to buy some stuff.

What to eat in Osaka

1. Sushi Sushiro


Osaka is known for its fresh seafood, so of course I decided to have sushi as my first meal in the city. I had heard of this sushi train chain restaurant where all dishes are around 100 YEN (i.e. $1), so I definitely wanted to stop by. Delicious food and I felt full with $6 worth of sushi! Definitely recommended.

Address: Several but I went to this one: 5-5-3,Sekime,Joto-ku, Osaka

2. Uncle Rikuro


My sweet tooth always kicks in after a meal, so I decided a quick stop by Uncle Rikuro is worth it. For a little over 6ooYEN, you get a GYNORMOUS cheesecake. Would definitely feed 4 people, but given the fact that I was travelling on my own, I ate half of the cheesecake on my own :O. It felt fluffy and light and so delicious!

Address: Several Locations but I went to this one by Dotonbori 3-2-28,Namba,Chuo-ku,Osaka

3. Kuromon Ichiba Market


The Kuromon Ichiba market is right by the Dotonbori neighborhood and offers the freshest of seafoods. So many stands also sell grilled seafoods to go, so I would definitely recommend you to stop by here for a quick snack!

4. Oyonomiaki 

Sooo, I didn’t really get a chance to eat an oyonomiaki while in Osaka (I ended up eating one in Tokyo), but I guess Osaka is really famous for their oyonomiakis so if you have more time in the city, I’d recommend you find a place that serves them. They’re basically the Japanese version of pancakes stuffed with different things. One of the popular versions includes squid. It’s also usually eaten with some special sauce on top.

Where to run in Osaka


Again, I didn’t have much time in the city, but if I could pick a place, it would be the gardens around the Osaka Castle. I saw a few runners there, and I definitely understand why they picked the location!

Where to stay in Osaka

Even though I only stayed in Osaka for one night, I would definitely recommend the Japanese Inn I stayed in. It’s called Onyado Nono Namba Natural Hot Spring. What makes it special is that it has its own onsen inside. An onsen is basically a hot spring, public bath combination, where you can get to relax. Plus, they offer a free ramen in the evenings and their breakfast is pretty delicious! Oh and the entire hotel is a shoe-free zone! THE BEST!

Hope this helps plan your upcoming trip to Osaka!

Next up: Tokyo recommendations 🙂


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