Home[s] Sweet Home[s]

Hey y’all,

Dang, it’s been forever since I last posted something, but life has been pretty hectic over the last few weeks. After my Stavanger trip, I had a couple days to pack up my room in Norway and say goodbye to my friends there. While I’ll be back for a couple weeks in August before I move to Paris, some of my friends will not be there anymore since they’re going on exchange. It’s weird to realize that the people you got so used to seeing all the time will all be in different places once again.

Once the packing was done, it was time for my next trip: I was going to Egypt for another friend’s wedding which was pretty exciting! But before I got to Cairo, I spent 10 hours in Amsterdam which greeted me with warm weather and cloudy skies! It was still great to be able to stretch my legs walking around town and geocaching.



A few hours later, it was finally time for Egypt. Cairo greeted me with a little breeze at 2AM, and the following day once my friend and I made our way to the Red Sea, I could finally see the gorgeous sun I had missed so dearly.



Next on the list was Alex, my little gorgeous hometown, where I got to spend some time with friends and family 🙂




3 days later I finally made my way to Cairo for my friend’s wedding, which was in a hotel right by the Pyramids and had the most amazing view.



After 10 days in Egypt, it was time to head to my other home: DC. It’s a little weird how in the last two weeks I was in three completely different countries. My mind took some time getting over the different cultural shocks, and I don’t think I’m quite over it yet. These overly friendly Americans!!! I forgot about them 🙂

For now and at least for the next few weeks, it’s time to get some serious work done on my thesis.

Until next time,



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